CKI’s Initiative on Clean Energy


Green Island International (BVI) Limited (“Green Island”) has plans to develop clean energy technology in Asia. One of the technologies investigated was the use of hydrogen as an environmentally friendly alternative to fossil fuel.


When renewable energy sources are used, hydrogen is the cleanest fuel available and could be produced from water by electrolysis technology. Compared to fossil fuels, hydrogen is carbon free. When hydrogen fuel is used in an internal  combustion engine, the exhaust is nothing more than water vapour and is an excellent way of reducing kerb side emissions. However to be advantageous on a global scale, hydrogen energy needs to be produced from a renewable source of electricity.



Safety features of Hydrogen Fuel


Hydrogen is 14.5 times lighter than air and is the most common element in the universe. It exists in nature only as part of a compound bonded to other elements. It is found in water and a host of other substances and can be extracted by unlocking the chemical bonds in the molecules which form these substances.


Hydrogen is the lightest and most buoyant element, so if it is released into an open space, it quickly disperses, dramatically reducing the chance of ignition when compared to other common fuels. Hydrogen is an excellent fuel for several other reasons – it is non-toxic, non-corrosive, and non-carcinogenic – it produces only water vapour when consumed as fuel; therefore it does not have any adverse effects on the environment if produced from renewable source of electricity.


It is important to remember that all fuels must be treated with respect. Hydrogen is no different. All fuels have safety systems built into their production, distribution and use. Hydrogen, used as a fuel, has been virtually incident free largely due to the combination of its natural properties with the advancement in technologies, storage, and management, and it is concluded by many to be safer than other fossil fuels.



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